Well… we have finally settled in a bit in our new place. Here are some of the pics from the journey to Indiana from Florida.

Shortly after we got onto I95 leaving Melbourne the tire on our little utility trailer blew out… we had to wait for over an hour for a tow truck to haul it to Tire Kingdom by where we lived. We decided to change out both tires to be safe. We didn’t get on the road again until almost dark. Bummer… things started out pretty rough.

Wow! We were glad to be safe after this one… Would you take a look at that!

This was our trusty little steed with all of the possessions in it that we would be taking with us to Indiana. I know she looks rough, but it was all we had to get us to where we needed to go… for the moment.

Here was Victoria’s reaction to the tire blowout.

Here was mine…

When we got into Titusville… not even an hour away from Melbourne, I had to use the restroom. It was raining and a chill was in the air. When I got out of the car Victoria said, “Did you see those baby kitties back there?” I said, “baby kitties! where?!” We ended up picking them up and taking them with us, these two little kittens that were huddled together in the parking lot… in the rain. I couldn’t leave them. Poor little kittens.

Here is Victoria anxious to drop the cats off at a humane society in Palm Coast. We had to spend the night at a hotel there because the tires on our trusty steed were rubbing against the wheel wells. After a failed attempt to remove the wheel wells we thought it was best to rent a uhaul and put our trusty steed to rest on a storage facility lot. Apparently, she had too much weight to carry.

Kyra not so excited about the long drive.

Victoria had my back the whole way… or at least until…

She had a tire blowout on her car. I looked in the rear view and she was nowhere to be seen. Then a call on my cell… I pick it up, she says, “I’m out… pull over.” Oh no. What was it this time. About 3 to 4 hours earlier her check engine light had come on and I feared the worst. I called her back to see if she knew what had happened. She said in her best, and calm way, “I’ll call you back, let me assess the situation.” So… I waited. Then she calls me back to inform me that her tire had blown and that she was driving up the hill… when I saw her little red car come over the hill I felt like it was alright once again. We can overcome this… just take it slowly and remember to breathe.

She was mad that she took my picture cranking the jack to get the car down after she had already changed the tire. It’s okay… I give her full credit. I was just there to monitor the highway traffic. Scary, semi’s flying past you at 70 mph on a mountain in Kentucky.

Me and Max when we finally arrived at our destination in Madison, Indiana… don’t we both look tired and cranky.

My poor little Hyundai… not sure if she would make it through another trip like this one.

Victoria and I are in Madison, Indiana for about 4 months so that she can finish a round of clinical rotations at the Kings Daughter Hospital. She will be obtaining her associates in Sonography degree after the rotation and then onto the bachelors.

As for me… I will be finishing my last semester for my A.A degree while we are in Indiana. I have all online classes so it worked out perfectly. While we are here I will be applying to several schools back in Florida for nursing. Keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping that I can get into Seminole State College in Orlando. They have a concurrent program with UCF where you finish your associates requirements and also work towards your bachelors at the same time. When finished with the associates I would only have to take one more semester at UCF and I would have my bachelors.



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