About us/who we are

We are two creative individuals. One (Victoria) goes to Mountain State University online for her Sonography degree… and I (Debra) go to Brevard Community College here in Melbourne, Florida for Nursing.

We are photographers with a homebase in Melbourne, Florida, but love to travel with our work. We will go anywhere you need us. We shoot weddings, portraits, senior pictures, children, pregnancy/baby bumps, engagements, and pretty much anything photographic that you can think of.

We do not discriminate and include everyone. We post everyone we photograph on our blog. If we take your picture we are proud that we did and want the world to know how good you look!

I (Debra) went to the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale to study photography. It seems like a long time ago. After college I worked for several community newspapers in South Florida photographing everything from our former President George Bush Jr. to giant squids, and most everything in between including weddings. I also was a photojournalist at the Hometown News in Melbourne, and also in Daytona Beach.

Both of us are crazy about making photographs. We love taking the time to find the right angle and light to enhance the image. We love what we do and have so much fun doing it. We are both very social beings and enjoy sharing in the joys of your life experiences. We don’t want clients, we want to build lasting friendships.

Let our images tell your story.



1 thought on “About us/who we are”

  1. Shelly welker said:

    Your photos are amazing! I am very excited about a family shoot with you both!

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